Thursday, November 10, 2005

What am I doing?


I am constantly thinking I have sooo many things I want to knit, and yet so little time, and here I am initiated a blog--what am I thinking? And yet, somehow or another it all makes perfect sense to me! If I am not knitting, or thinking about knitting, or chatting about knitting, I mine as well be blogging about knitting!

I have so many projects and knitting "to do" lists floating around, it is amazing! I have a dozen (more than a dozen, actually) things going on my needles, or waiting to be cast-on . . . The two most pressing projects at the moment are:

1. The large Interweave Knits pillow which can be seen at My progress is slow, mostly because I have been setting up this blog, but my kal friends are doing terrific! Not only are they talented, and wildly encouraging, they are so witty! I look forward to all of our communications and all of our progress!

2. My Suri Soccer Sweater, which is based on the pattern found here: I am using KnitPick's Suri Dream in strawberry and holding 2 strands together--it is so wonderful to knit. I have been working on this throughout the fall, so that I could wear it to my son's soccer games. Well, he's got 2 left . . . Do you think I'll be sporting it this weekend? Stay tuned!


Blogger Susan said...

Look at you, Miss Blog Poster! I'm so proud of you!

Thanks for the shout out.


11/10/2005 9:02 PM  

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