Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ho, Ho, Ho . . better get busy

It is 41 days until Christmas, and I have written and re-written the “what I am going to make everyone for Christmas list”--why didn’t I start this list in July? Furthermore, why didn’t I start knitting the things on this list in July?? Here’s my state of affairs:

1. 2 scarves for teacher gifts . . . 1 is finished but not blocked, the other is 1/2 way to the finish line.

2. 3 other smaller gifts for teachers . . . thinking of treasure bags, and filling them with something.

3. 3 pairs of mittens . . . for my children . . . not started.

4. 8 friend gifts . . . thinking of the small felted purses from The Weekend Knitting book.

5. 1 Flower Basket Shawl . . . halfway finished, but this is looking like divine intervention may need to occur if this is to
become a gift for December 25th.

6. 1 Shawl for a mamajon. . . this may be another divine intervention situation.

7. Something for my honey . . . I have a sweater idea for Valentine’s Day, so this needs to be something quick, easy, and
Do you think Santa would let me borrow some elves who can knit?


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