Thursday, August 16, 2007

Come out of the closet!


is the lovely Granny Smith Cardigan, which I had absolutely no rest in my a__ until I bought the pattern and cast-on last July (that would be July 2006, not last month). I went to this crazy yarn shop a few miles away, found this yarn (reminding me of a clementine, hence the name!), that I don't even remember the name of and went to town on this thing. I found it in the closet yesterday: 2 sleeves, a back, a left front and a right front . . . and the shoulders are seamed. The only thing left to do: both button bands, and the collar. And then re-block the entire thing and hope that it will look cute on.

Things to do:
  1. Find the remainder of the yarn.
  2. Finish button band #1.
  3. Finish button band #2.
  4. Finish collar.
  5. Seam sweater sides and sleeves.
  6. Find buttons.
  7. Pray that it looks good enough to wear.



Blogger Karen said...

Yes, it's going to look awesome. I love that color - I really do. It's going to be so awesome!!!

8/16/2007 9:14 AM  

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