Sunday, November 20, 2005

Secret Pal

I joined the knitty board’s holiday secret pal and it has been fabulous. I have had tons of fun treating my match to lots of goodies! Below are some of the terrific stuff my secret pal has sent to me: the chocolate alpaca is yummy; and she tells me the plum yarn looks felted when knitted--WOW! I have wanted a Pinnochio tape measure forever, but never bought one and now I have one! The magazines, snacks and lotions were so cute, but the card, with all these little sayings a mom would say is so fun! Not only has she spoiled me with treasures, but we have established an e-pal correspondence where we swap our ideas about knitting, holidays, our kids, and books! I will be sad when the secret pal round ends, but I can’t wait to know who my Pal is!


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