Thursday, December 01, 2005


This is Flora, a Knitty pattern that worked up in no time! The neckwarmer itself took me just a couple hours last night . . . that lovely flower occupied me most of this evening. That, in combination with attaching the flower, the button and matching the button hole----these were the hardest things about this project! I used yarn from my stash basket: two strands of a cotton wool blend and one strand of Blue Sky Alpaca. With only 3 rows to go on the flower, I ran out of the alpaca (the hazard of using stash stuff) so I added the purple. The button is the same one I used for my suri soccer sweater--2 in a pack! I am saving this for a Christmas gift, but I would love to wear it tomorrow!


Blogger Susan said...

Love it!

12/02/2005 8:54 AM  

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