Friday, December 09, 2005

Laptop Case . . . NOT!

I started knitting a laptop case to felt and give as a Christmas gift way back in September . . . and then I put it aside and got busy knitting other things. Last night I dug it out, only to find I had about 10 more rows and then it would be finished! I knitted, finished and felted it . . . right down to this. It was supposed to be 12" x 10" and it felted to 9.5" x 7."
Soooo . . . it is NOT destined to be a laptop case. But a little purple ribbon closure, to match the purple stripe, and I guess it will do for a clutch, or yet another rendition of the stash bag!
In non-knitting news . . . it snowed 10 inches here last night!


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