Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Note to self

It is not 2nd sock syndrome, believe me, it is not. I just am not being a 1-sock-kind-of-girl lately! And each of these socks has a tiny story to go along with it.

pink footie---I cast-on for this, thinking it would be a quick pair which I could count for the June SAM3 pair. I didn't realize I would be sidetracked . . . and since I figuring the pattern as I went, I am now ready for footie 2, and I have to go back and figure out how I knit #1---note to self: keep bettern notes.

roza---I cast-on for roza long ago--and then ripped and cast-on (in different color yarn no less) with size1s instead of 0s. For whatever reason, I don't feel like this sock looks pretty . . . and it still feels tight. ugh--note to self: persevere, it may be worth it, or at least I am hoping so.

sidewinders--this sock is crazy. I have on idea in the would how this works, and this is the ulitmate test in following the pattern. On top of that, I had to use circulars, and I didn't have addis in 1s, so I used another manufacturer's, and the yarn just doesn't go over the joint between the cable and the needle very smoothly. This is a pain . . . note to self: addis only.

seduction socks--the pattern is adorable, and the yarn is so soft and squishy, but a little splitty. This might be my best bet to finish the 2nd sock before the end of the month. I am keeping my fingers crossed---note to self: get busy.

mitten--no not a sock, but this is just absurd: I thought I'd be wearing these in February. I am halfway finished with the 2nd one. I am going to be sporting these in the fall, but they are going to get finished soon--note to self: think about my cold digits and finish this up!



Blogger Karen said...

You are so funny . . . and I love that picture. Well, at least you have learned a valuable lesson from each single sock. And they all look so pretty. :) You will persevere and have them all finished up in no time. Happy Summer of Socks!!!!

I've noticed, as I put all my old finished projects in Ravelry, I used to knit things much faster. Was it that I was more focused and worked on one thing at a time. Those days are long gone now!!! Glad to see I'm not the only one. :)

6/21/2007 7:42 AM  

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