Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, here we are, approaching mid-September. August, came and went . . the first month of SaM4. And did I have a pair to share? Well I have a pair, but they don’t match. I am not sure this counts. One Perambulate + One Roza = a mismatched pair . . . I don't think it counts.
pretend you see a photo here--my camera isn't cooperating.

I did have such good intentions. I was going to have a pair finished. The first sock was finished in a flash. And then, all hell broke loose towards the end of the month, and I got distracted, and busy, and I probably should have knit socks on all those rainy days instead of scheming to knit sweaters and mittens.

And since it will be Tuesday soon, here's what I read last week . . .

And here's this week's read:



Blogger Karen said...

Don't worry about the socks. You'll have a September pair done for sure. Time was well spend on the sweaters and mittens too. A knitter can't live on socks alone. :)

9/11/2007 7:47 AM  

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