Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Alpaca for your Neck

The yarn is so very yummy, and the pattern is deceptively easy. While I just knit and purled through this brioche stitch, it is totally unforgiving---miss a yarnover, drop a stitch (which is easy to do since the yarn is so slippy), and what I thought was fixed properly ends up appearing twisted and/or noticeable in the pattern. Unfortunately, I counted 4 such mistakes----and I was really trying to be careful. I noticed this same phenomenom when working on the Roza socks, but for some reason, thought it was the yarn . . . yeah, right! And should I want to continue with true confessions: towards the end, I knit row 1 twice in a row . . . so it looks a bit funky. But bunched up, it will not be noticeable . . . so much.



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