Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bear-y Special

This is my first attempt at a stuffed something, and I have decided that cute as all these bears, rabbits, aliens and other pal like creatures are, it is all about the finishing, of which I am not that fond of or good at! I read about The Mother Bear Project on a website, and decided to order the pattern and knit one in the midst of all my other Christmas knitting. As I knitted his grey pants, this idea occurred to me: I will knit each of my children one of these cute bears--I am wrapping an addressed envelope and the requisite $3 and tag . . . and then I am printing little instructions, from Santa & Mrs. Claus, directing them to sign their tag, put their bear in the envelope and send it off to The Mother Bear Project knowing they have done something very nice for someone else. I knit, they give . . . others receive: ho, ho, ho!


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