Monday, June 26, 2006

It has been raining--downpouring--for 48 hours, with short breaks every so often, and the local weather says we can expect this for the rest of the week right through the weekend. ugh. I have been to the grocery store 20 times in the last 3 days, because it seems that
rain + world cup + family members = more food consumption, or at the very least the need for food items which are not readily available in the fridge.

Amongst all this rain, I have found some reasons to cheer . . .
First off: MamaE will be dying me some yarn for clapotis (remember, I am the only knitter who hasn’t knited this!!), and I am so excited, because I know the colourway will be beautiful!

Then: I was over the moon about Chrissy (my summer sock pal) offering to design a sock and have me test-knit the 2nd one, and now I am equally as thrilled to join her as a test-knitter for some of her other patterns to come!!! The only thing that is stressing me out, is that I am having a tiny bit of difficulty figuring out how to navigate through the Yahoo Group (that ought to tell you something--the yahoo group will be my demise!).

I love new yarn, new projects, and new knitting friends!!! Still wish it wasn't raining . . .


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