Thursday, June 15, 2006


Who wouldn't want to join a summer sock party swap?! I couldn't resist: not only did I love the summer theme, but I also loved the idea of knitting one sock for your swap pal, and then shipping it off for her to knit the other one! That's a fun for celebrating summer! Mosey-on-over and join--maybe, I will end up as your pal!

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Speaking of swaps . . . I haven't heard a peep from my secret pal since we emailed introductions . . . and I haven't heard a thing from the pal I sent a skein with a nifty tag detailing everything you could do with a skein of Noro. I am wondering if I am out of the one skein loop?!

Speaking of sock yarn . . . a 25 minute trip in the car, yielded this--

There's a "bead store" that someone told me had some yarn they needed to get rid of, they are depleting the yarn inventory, and adding more beads! There was tons of sock yarn, and everything was 25% off. I had a difficult time choosing, but decided on the Brown Sheep Wildefoote in: master grey and black orchid (some "boy socks" for, well, the boys!), little lilac for the lovely lace socks (replacing highlighter yellow--I am serious, who wants me to send two skeins to them!?), and mums (which is chocolate and orange swirled . . . I have got to think about this one); and then there was the skein of Opal Magic I had to toss in the bag.
I bet you think I am a sock knitter, huh?


Blogger Karen said...

Why yes, you are a sock knitter!!! Thanks for the e-mail about the swap (sorry I haven't answered yet). I'm tempted, but not sure yet. :)

6/15/2006 5:55 PM  

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