Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Sock Sisters

I received my Summer Sock Party Pal, Maggie of magKNITicent and after just a bit of confusion, emailed her to say hello--I emailed Maggie, after I had thought I read her blog, however I read a different summer party participant's (another name which began with "m" and they were both from Florida!!), so my whole email referenced stuff from someone else' blog: this is some way to kick off a party, eh?!

In the midst of my "which person in Florida am I REALLY emailing" dilemma, I recieved an email from Chrissy, of Knittin' Mom, host of sock-a-month KAL . . . yes, Chrissy, of "I am going on a sock cruise" fame! Now if this isn't wonderful enough, she's working on a sock pattern for us--she'll send it to me, with the sock and I get to test knit it by knitting the 2nd one! How fabulous is that?!!?!?!?! I am thrilled!

I am flipping through patterns, and looking at yarns for the perfect sock party stuff, and need to narrow down the options quickly! The best part of the summer sock party is that there is a "WE" in the process of knitting a pair of socks--we each knit a sock, we each get a sock, we each contribute to 2 pairs of socks and we share the work and the fun!


Blogger Karen said...

What a small world - Chrissy is my very first ever blog friend!! :) Her designs are great too, so you will certainly end up with a great pair of socks. Have fun!!

6/24/2006 8:08 AM  

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