Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lovely Lace Lilac Sock #1 and What’s Next

This sock is taking me forever to finish. I feel like I have knitted forever, and I am still not finished. No photo until I finish the sock.

The good:
*This is an easy lace pattern, and looks far more intricate than what it is.
*I love the heel construction.
*I still love the yarn.
*I love the picot cuff

The it could be better, but:
*The picot cuff I knitted down, pulls a bit to the right.
*I have made a few tiny mistakes on the lace pattern, mostly due to when a stitch slips off my toothpick-like doublepoints.
*I am getting 9 stitches and 11 rows to = 1 inch on size 1s. The pattern states 8 stitches and 10.5 rows = 1 inch on size 0s. I don’t think this is too big a deal.

Then there is the what to knit next question dancing around in my head--I am the only person on the face of the knitting earth that hasn’t knit Clapotis; I have enough yarn (I think!) for the Leaf Lace Pullover, and there is this shawl that is screaming, “BUY ME!!” at Morehouse Farms. All of these projects have some sort of “lace-base” but are not true lace projects, so I feel a little bit like I am cheating if I use them for my next Amazing Lace project. Now what . . .

And one more thing: I received my match for the summer sock party, which I am so excited about, but now I have to figure out whether it would be more fun to keep myself a secret or give myself up and have some fun by getting to know each other up front . . . another, now what!


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