Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sockin' Around

Finally . . . the Lovely Lace Socks in lilac, are finished. Don’t ask me what took so long, as I have no idea. I finished the 2nd sock during World Cup over-time yesterday, just as Italy scored their first goal with 2 minutes to go.

I cast-on for my summer sock party sock last night while sitting on a blanket, waiting for the fireworks to begin. This is my first “toe-up” sock, and I love it! The yarn doesn’t have a name, only a number, so I have named it “Summer Tiger Lily”----the Summer Tiger Lily sock toe is finished and I am working on the instep; I love the yarn, and the colors . . . I am just hoping the yarn and the sock pattern compliment each other.


Anonymous heather said...

excellent socks! Nice work. I have started knitting with the Lorna's Laces that you sent, and I am HOOKED! (or is that knit? hmmm...)


7/05/2006 4:59 PM  

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