Sunday, December 11, 2005

Potato Chip Scarf

While surfing the net, in search of yet some more yarn, I find the pattern and photo of the Potato Chip Scarf! I read the pattern quickly, and thought, only 7 rows, I can knock this out in a flash. After casting on, and reading the fine print, I discovered that you start with 90 stitches, but this doubles every other row. Soooooo, in case you ever wondered: 720 stitches take an awfully long time to take off your needles!
The yarn is acrylic from Target at 25 cents a skein---believe it or not, I wouldn't buy it when it was a dollar a skein, but I bought 8 skeins when it was a quarter! I had no ideas what I would do with it, but it is a fun little yarn for a scarf like this--this is supposed to be for my daughter's best friend, but I have a funny feeling she may keep it for herself, and I'll be binding off another set of 720 stitches of 25 cent yarn!


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