Saturday, June 10, 2006

Socklet Story

I wanted to knock out a quick pair of socklets (the little socks which your toes stick out of, which are rather pointless, but adorable and you wear them with flip-flop) for my daughter, so I grabbed some stash yarn (label gone long ago--I think it is regia denim tweed, or something like that) and began knitting. Now remember, I have all these beautiful sock yarns--chocolate covered cherries, garden party, safari, treckking in oodles of colors, as well as some bright solids), but I grab this. Well, the pattern it knits is so darn cute, I began to think “maybe I should make a full length sock for my son instead” and/or “Maybe I should do these socklets in a more summer-y, girl=y color for her”---I finally just resolved myself to finish it off, and it IS cute (free pattern from Regia), but there is absolutely no hope of achieving an identical socklet!


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