Saturday, September 23, 2006

Falling Ahead

Autumn has arrived officially, and there has been a nip in the air for most of September . . . I love it!!!! The only swap I have allowed myself to join from now until (eternity?!) the new year, is the Harvest Sock Swap. There’s something about that knit-1-sock-and-send-it-off, get-another-and cast-on, that I love. I will be knitting for Megan, in Florida!

I have 2 skeins of Wildefoot which are screaming autumn, and I think the pattern I chose will work up beautifully. While I have until November to knit and swap, I am shooting for the harvest sock and accompanying goodies to arrive for Halloween! Ra-ha-ha!

In celebration of the beginning of Fall, I tried my hand at baking zucchini bread, using a recipe from Allison---since I found it on a knitting blog, I had to try it, even though I am a disaster in the kitchen!!! It is still baking but smells wonderful!

RIP challenge update: 2/5
Socktoberfest: 0/5


Blogger Karen said...

Hey, did you tell me you were joining the Harvest Sock Swap?? :) I think you snuck that one by. LOL How was the Zucchini Bread? I'm sure you aren't a disaster in the kitchen. I CAN'T WAIT to start Socktoberfest. And to get the new sock yarn in our first Indie Swag package!!! :)

9/23/2006 8:50 AM  

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