Wednesday, September 06, 2006

RIP and Read

Summer is over, school has started, the summer reading challenge has ended, so what’s a girl to do besides knit?

Carl over at Stainless Steel Droppings is hosting the RIP Autumn Reading Challenge. Choose a few books with a gothic, mystery, fall-like, spooky theme and . . . read! This challenge runs from August 30th (ooops! I am a little late to the party!) to October 31st. So, here’s my list:
  1. Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
  2. Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
  3. Frankenstein by Mary Shelly
  4. Lemony Snicket’s Book 13--The End (being released on Friday, OCtober 13th!!!
  5. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
And I am planning a bit of Halloween knitting as well. Last year, I knitted Knitty’s Yorick (a white and a pink one!) and had such great fun--This year I think there will be more skulls in my knitting!


Blogger Carl V. said...

Some other readers have chose Erik Larson books...I'll have to check him out.

Isn't that a perfect release date for the last Lemony Snicket book? Did you pick up The Beatrice Letters. I got it for my wife today and it is a very fun book. Love how its put together.

Glad you joined in!

9/06/2006 11:19 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Sounds like you really get into the spirit of Halloween? Have I mentioned how much I love it too? Of all my holiday decorations, my box of Halloween ones is the only one that overflows. LOL

9/07/2006 7:53 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

"Devil in the White City" is a fantastic book! I may be partial because I'm from Chicago, but the way it parallels historical events and a gruesome serial killer is very clever. And that's my book review for the week!

9/07/2006 10:41 AM  

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