Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Rule of Three

There were the 3 bears, the 3 little pigs, 3 blind mice, 3 wise men, and the 3 socks. In my most humble opinion, it is a really good thing to have 3 socks going at the same time.

Sock #1--The Go-to-Sock
The Go-to-Sock is the sock that goes, with me anywhere, because I can knit a few stitches, a round, or 2 and stop anywhere (except perhaps the middle of the heel!), and conversely, pick it back up anytime without fear of having lost my place. The real Go-to-Sock is the one that I don't even need to have the pattern with me (except, for the heel!). Roza is my Go-to Sock (btw, Roza is one of those girls who looks for more beautiful in person, than in photos . . . unless of course she is being photographed for Interweave Knits!).

Sock #2--The Theme-Sock
This is a new addition in my rotation, and I have come to appreciate it so very much. The Theme-Sock only gets attention during a specific time of the week--in this case, while watching American Idol. I have been true to my pact with Karen, knitting only while watching the show, and then putting it away until the next installment. I am a bit impressed with the success by which this plan is working: I feel like it is easy to measure progress and I don't ever wonder if I should work on it, because I only do during American Idol. The Rock Star Socks are my theme- socks (btw: this yarn is fabulous!).

Sock #3--The Happy-Sock
The Happy-Sock is the sock I am smitten with at the moment. It could be that I am surprised with myself for being able to knit a particular pattern, in love with the yarn, or impressed with the yarn pattern combination. In any event this sock usually is a bit more complicated, and doesn't travel well; ie, I need to be thinking when I knit it, despite my adoration for it. The Pink Monkeys turned Blue, are my Happy Socks (btw: I am ready to turn the heel!).



Blogger Karen said...

Yes, three pairs of socks are always the perfect amount to have on the needles. Okay, well, I'm just saying that because that's how many pairs I have going. Okay, officially my Rock Socks are FROGGED, but I'm restarting on Tuesday, so they still count. :) I'm so jealous of how pretty and how almost done your Rock Sock is!!!

3/10/2007 6:50 PM  

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