Thursday, February 15, 2007


Wow! We got snow, ice, snow, sleet, ice . . . which put my little world somewhat, but not totally out of commission.But that didn't dampen my Valentine's Day! Lots of candy hearts and love to go around--the best, best Valentine's Day ever! And then, yesterday morning, I found a box with all of this, from my very dear friend, Karen:

Can you believe this? I mean, seriously?! Martini sock blockers, with a tiny martini stitch marker, Tofutsies, these dainty little stitch markers, mints, chocolates & chocloate covered fortune cookies, pink emory boards, and then the cutes darn little notepads she made herself! One of them has my blog logo on it! I am definitely feeling all the Valentine's Day love--smmooooooooches to you, Karen!

PS: Did you see the card she made--with a knitted heart?! xoxo



Blogger Karen said...

:) :) <3 :) :)

I could barely wait for that to get to you!!!! It's so hard to keep a secret when I am so excited. I just wanted to help you celebrate a very special Valentine's Day and remind you how much I love you and treasure our friendship!!!


2/16/2007 9:02 AM  

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