Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Well, I haven't knitted any i-cords (how did you know?!), but the Simple But Effective Shawl has been knitted, washed and blocked, drying as I type. I had intended to add ruffles along the garter ridges, however I wasn't crazy about the way it looked. So now, I am trying to think of how I can "sshhhnooker-it" up a bit . . .
The Valentine Vest (aka "Petrol") is moving right along--as you can see from the photo below, I added the stripe back in (my original plan was to leave it out, but when I thought I might not have enough of the cashmerino, I added a stripe of charcoal Brown Sheep from my stash) and I am ready to knit the back top of the vest. The knit 5, Purl 2 round + knit round make for a fabulous ribbing! The difficult part of this has been knitting it when Azizam isn't around!
The Olympics are days away, and my yarn hasn't arrived . . . ahahahaahahahaahahahahaahahaha!


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