Friday, May 05, 2006

The Race with Lace

I joined the Amazing Lace, a summer lace knit along. After reading about it, I thought this would be the perfect motivation to knit some of those lace projects I have had in the cue! IK lace socks, kpixie'’s hemp ponchellette and the notorious Flower Basket Shawl (remember, one of my New Year'’s resolutions was to finish that thing!!!). So, instead of buying MORE yarn, I am going to resurrect the Flower Basket Shawl, and ready it for the race, which begins on Memorial Day! This will require me to determine some sort of coping strategy for my pervasive disability with this project: where on the right side of the work, the stitches BEFORE the center stitch always work perfectly, but after I pass the center stitch, I am ALWAYS 1 stitch short on the OTHER side, no matter what!!! It will be an amazing lace . . .


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