Wednesday, July 12, 2006

If you ask, I'll plead temporary insanity

I don't know what came over me today. One minute, I was completely content in my knitting world. And then, I was checking out the Mystery Stole KAL (such a fabulous idea, but when I took a look at the first week's section which some people knit so beautifully, I decided it wasn't going to work for me), popped over to the Granny Smith KAL and that was it---I decided I HAD to have the sweater pattern, HAD to make the sweater, and HAD to have the yarn today!
Now, this behavior is not new for me. Here's where I go to the other side: I go to the crazy yarn store (not my lovely lys, not to my online favorite places, not even to the shop a little further away), and stalk the place (they have so much stuff) until I find what I think would work in place of kid silk haze. When I find the 2 skeins of the colors I think I want, I have to ask the very old owners if they have more (and they always do, upstairs in some secret stash), and yes, in fact they do. The choice is between the almost identical granny smith color (which I love) of the original cardigan, or what seems to be a lovely, vibrant orange-y marmelade (which I think would be so cool). I buy the orange-y marmelade (why????!!!!!) for $2.99 a skein (on sale--I bought 10) took it out to the car, and thought--I am crazy: I bought stupid yarn instead of kid silk, in a stupid color (it isn't even marmelade-y in the sun), and it will probably look stupid (in what might have been a beautiful cardigan). ugh.

I am going to swatch, and look out if I can't get the correct gauge.


Blogger Karen said...

I think the color is pretty . . . it will look great with tan pants and a white tank. Don't be too hard on yourself, okay? Knitting does cause temporary insanity and knitters are a bad influance (which is the topic of the post I'm working on for today - so you're not alone!!).

As long as my budget permits, the first week of August sounds great to me!! :)

7/13/2006 8:24 AM  

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