Monday, August 21, 2006

Ther are 124 More Days Until . .

Christmas!!! Last year, after having lots of fun participating in Alison's Who Wouldn't Want a Handknitted Gift KAL, I vowed that I would start knitting gifts for my loved and adored, beginning in the SUMMER. Well, for the record, that didn't happen. Over the weekend, I thought, "I am not knitting any Christmas gifts for anyone--all the people I adore get knitted gifts from me throughout the year, I am not going to make myself crazy by knitting for Christmas." While I wish I could stick to this plan, I am afraid that I will cave, round about October 31st when I begin to feel like knitting for Christmas IS PART of the holiday season!

With all these "tis the season" thoughts, I come across The Holiday Grand Plan, a site that I think (mmm, hope?!) will provide me with just what I may need to keep me out of the frenzy and frazzle which eventually (around about Deecember 15th) wears me out. This plan, beginning next week, makes me feel like there may be hope for managing the holiday!!!!! And since I am a list freak, this is all right up my alley! I am going to really try to adopt, and adapt this to my life from now until Christmas, and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to knit some Christmas gifts!


Blogger Karen said...

Oh yeah!!! The Holiday Grand Plan!!! I saw that a few weeks ago on Major Knitter's blog. I have it bookmarked in my browser and also put a reminder in my calendar that it starts this week. How's that for OCD???? I'm a list person too - this wil be our dream come true!!

8/22/2006 8:38 AM  

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