Friday, February 09, 2007

Adding to the to do list

I have plenty of things on my needles to keep me occupied for, at the very least, a month or two, but I couldn't resist grabbing two new patterns to plan for and think about. First is the Ribby Pullover, by Bonnie Marie Burns--good grief I love this sweater! I love that yarn for that sweater. I love reading the pattern for this sweater. I think I am going to knit this in late summer/early fall, if I can wait that long!

Then I got Wendy's Flair pattern, thinking this would be a good spring-thing! I am not sure, but I might be going with the quick, cheap and easy on this one, and knit it in cotton-ease.

Oh, and then I went lurking around the new Interweave spring preview page and decided I wanted to knit a few things from there, starting with the on-line bed sock pattern, as well as Grumperina's pattern--and I even bought the yarn without even seeing the patterns!!!! And on top of that, the issue isn't due out for another week, and I was at the book store tonight thinking, maybe, just maybe it would be out early for me!

Happy weekend everyone!


Blogger Karen said...

You have such great taste!! :) There are some beautiful things that are going to be flying off your needles.

2/11/2007 9:02 AM  

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