Monday, February 05, 2007


This morning, we got up for school (begrudging-ly), ate a little breakfast (slow-ly) bundled-up for the bus stop (crabbi-ly), crawled into the car (quick-ly) because it was so cold outside and discovered (gleeful-ly) that school was delayed 2 hours! Thank goodness, it was just enough time for me to add the button on calormetry and then plop it on her head! I think it turned out cute, although I wish I would have shortened it up a bit for her . . . well, next time.

so much cuter in real-life!

Poppy also saw a bit of action this weekend--I cast-on and knit through a skein and a half for the lower part of the sweater. Things are going along (fair-ly) well, despite the fact that I feel like the knitting should be denser than it is, but my gauge is darn close to the pattern’s. The other re-occurring worry is the striping--"is this too much, is this not enough? Is this random looking enough? Geez, I hope these colors together are okay . . . " you know same old (knitting-ly) obsessions, just on a different project!

I did cook-up one way to semi-manage the silk garden stripes. I took an entire skein and cut it into pieces, so the striping would be somewhat representative of the entire color range of the skein---I was worried that knitting the stripes form the center pull would result in not enough variation!
ps: Another 2 hour delay for tomorrow, I happi-ly report!

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Blogger Karen said...

Love-ly Calormetry!! Mine's just about done too. Poppy is coming along splendid-ly as well. I love the stripes. :) Enjoy your delay tomorrow morning!

2/05/2007 5:08 PM  

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