Friday, September 28, 2007

Soccer Hat

A hat and gloves to wear for warm-ups and practices was the request from my favorite soccer player and I got on it, right away. It couldn’t be itchy, or too woolly, because, well, itchy is not fun. So I chose cotton fleece. I used the Nautilus pattern, and knitting in the round. It ended up a little big . . . and I am sure it will "grow" with wash and wear. I'll be frogging and re-knitting.

Next on the sticks are the matching gloves--I reduced the cast-on stitches hoping for a tighter fit . . . but with the way the hat behaved, perhaps I should have reduced more.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wait . . . I'll think of something clever!

Sadly, there is no clever excuse for not posting. One day has zoomed by to another and whoosh! A whole week goes by. During this non-blogging time, I have found dozens of things to add to the knit-list--in fact I have spent more time finding things to knit, and less time actually knitting! I'll have to think about a clever excuse for that, as well!

I feel like each of my projects torments me with some issue. It feels like it has been a while since I was working on something that was "just right" as I worked through it. Perhaps the real issue is that I have been a bit busy lately and have less patience for the normal ups-and-downs of knitting. Here we go:

1. I resurrected Poppy. We had a snap of cold weather last week, and that was just enough inspiration to dig it out, and get busy. I finally finished the bottom on Wednesday, so I was on a roll. I decided to knit the sleeves next, mostly because I wanted some instant success, and I felt like the top of the sweater might require a little bit more of me. After rummaging through 500 doublepoints, I discovered that somehow I have many, many needles but no size 8s. The sleeve had to wait until Thursday, when I ran to the lys for doublepoints (and a skein of cotton fleece in black, which they didn't have--for a hat and mitten set, more on that later----ugh!). With needles in hand, I cast-on and I am back on track.

2. I started the Anemoi Mittens. Let's just attribute this to the cold weather snap, too. I visited a new yarn shop about 25 minutes away--small, cute, very limited hours--and came away with the yarn for the mittens. Regia Silk and Regia Tweed. In the store I thought this would be perfect, and I still do. But . . . first off, I was/am worried that the mittens are a little on the small size. And then, I noticed that the silk is a bit heavier than the tweed, and now I am worried that the darker stitches will get lost as I knit up the mitt. Time will tell on that one, I suppose.

3. I am still on Perambulate. I knit a row here, and then there. I want to finish these up, but I lost my gusto when the second sock wasn't striping quite the way the first one did. This is a bit of a drag, and I am a bit nudged with myself for not being able to rise above it.

Not far behind are: Jack (half if it is knitted), Flair and Clementine, Along with mittens, mittens and a hat. And a shawl. And a sweater. And a throw.


Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, here we are, approaching mid-September. August, came and went . . the first month of SaM4. And did I have a pair to share? Well I have a pair, but they don’t match. I am not sure this counts. One Perambulate + One Roza = a mismatched pair . . . I don't think it counts.
pretend you see a photo here--my camera isn't cooperating.

I did have such good intentions. I was going to have a pair finished. The first sock was finished in a flash. And then, all hell broke loose towards the end of the month, and I got distracted, and busy, and I probably should have knit socks on all those rainy days instead of scheming to knit sweaters and mittens.

And since it will be Tuesday soon, here's what I read last week . . .

And here's this week's read: