Sunday, April 30, 2006

In which the shrug needs to be re-sized . . .

It was a beautiful weekend--it really was. I finished the streakers, shrug, the 4th skein arrived in the mail, right on schedule, and I started the fabulous slightly laced cuff. I decided to "gently block" and wrap it around me, all the while thinking how yummy I would look at the soccer games in this cute sweater.

Well, I didn't get to wear it to any soccer games . . . it is being frogged--very carefully, and painfully slowly. I thought I was so clever, mixing and matching the sizing increases--that'll teach me. If I wanted snug shrug, this would have worked just fine; but you see, I want a shrug that fits like the one in the photo. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppp.

PS: the ribbing needs to be detangled 1 stitch at a time---at this moment, I have only frogged 1/2 of the first ribbing. I am in shrug hell.

happy children on vacation, which has absolutely nothing to do with my knitting.
Saturday, April 29, 2006


I am trying . . . I really am. I bought more sock yarn from Brooklyn Handspun, I admire everyone else's socks, I even collect sock patterns, and research yarn to buy. But recently, I failed at my first several attempts at the peek-a-boo socks (I can't take the double points), and put them aside; I started, frogged, knitted, frogged and knitted jaywalker #1, and that has been put aside; I cast on and began a pair of skull-not-socks for my son, frogged them and restarted them this morning--determined to knit past the heel: well I did, but I can't say the heel is all that fabulous.

Garden Party, Water Green (skein #4), skull-not-sock (first, with any luck of two!), along with Pride and Prejudice (Knit the Classics May read)--click on the pic for a closer look!
Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'll have another . . . skein, that is

The malabrigo-streakers shrug is wrought with drama: I began by casting-on for the smaller size, and then got nervous about the size (what's new? I am always fretting over the size) so I decided to add a little, by using the larger increase directions, hoping (praying) that it would make-up for any skimpiness which might occur with the smaller size (I think I am in-between the sizes).

Ten inches into the sleeve, my panic attack has moved from "Will this fit" to "I don'’t think I have enough yarn!" I am going to start the third skein (remember I ordered only 3), and If my calculations are correct--I'll finish the shrug without a problem, but there won't be enough for the lovely little cuffs. ugh.

But in comes Carla, at, with only 2 skeins of water green left, one of which she is shipping out today. Hootsister--I wasn't sure if you ordered from there, but if you did, snap up that last skein . . . just in case.

Whew--I'll definitely have enough yarn. Back to our regularly scheduled anxiety attack: what if it doesn't fit?

PS: Always have loved Knit and Tonic's Somewhat Cowl, but thought I was way too full-busted. I came upon savahannahchik's cowl, with her modifications--now I want to knit it---but what yarn? hmmmmmmmmm.
Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Every Knitter Needs . . .

Glow in the dark knitting needles! How cool is that?!
Monday, April 24, 2006

7 Things to Know About Me

I must thank Karen, of Musings of a Mostly Self-taught Knitter, for tagging me--so here you go:

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:
• learn to speak Farci
• travel to France
• love my children into adulthood
• accept my imperfections, instead of always having a self-improvement plan
• visit the Vatican
• own a knitting store
• move to another country

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
• cook
• whistle
• hold a grudge
• start the morning without coffee
• stop worrying
• go to Barnes and Noble and not buy a book
• leave home without my knitting

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Man:
• his happy disposition
• his fabulous sense of humor
• his passion
• his intuition
• his intelligence
• his sensitivity
• the way he loves me

Seven Books I Love:
• Gone with the Wind
• The Kite Runner
• The Great Gatsby
• A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
• Anna Karenina
• Harry Potter
• Memoirs of a Geisha

Seven Things I Say:
• I think your wonderful
• Me, too
• I love you so much
• blah
• You’re not listening
• Thank you
• I had a great day

Seven Movies I've Loved :
• Gone with the Wind
• Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows
• Sleepless in Seattle
• The Sound of Music
• Life is Beautiful
• The Color Purple
• Rear Window

If you have read this, then I tag YOU!
Saturday, April 22, 2006


Okay: the 3 skeins of Malabrigo Yarn, in watergreen, arriving in the mail yesterday (from chezcas) cured any “what to knit now” issues I thought I had. The Malabrigo is a wonderful substitute for the Interweave Knit’s Streakers Shrug original yarn. It would have cost a little over a hundred dollars in the La Lana Wool; these 3 skeins cost a mere $26. Beautiful color, soft, econmical . . . I’d like to have this yarn in every color! I began knitting with it last night, and I tell you, it is joyful! I am trying to think of other things to use this yarn for!

ps: found the camera cable (in my knitting basket!).

Dazed and Confused

Our week in the Dominican Republic was sun and fun filled--and without knitting progress. While I had Jaywalker #1 on the needles as well as some other sock yarn, I ended up only knitting a bit and that consisted of knitting, frogging and re-knitting the same few rows of Jaywalker--I can’t get to the heel!
Now that I am back, I don’t know what to knit--socks, sitcome chic, streakers, shrug, yoga socks . . . I hope my dazed and confused state does not lead to knitting paralysis.
Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Easter

Well St. Anthony didn't help me find one darn thing, I haven't finished my bunnies yet, and we are leaving for the Dominican Republic in 7 hours. Happy Easter and Passover everyone!
Sunday, April 09, 2006

What is Saint Anthony Doing?!

I feel like there's someone following me around, tormenting me: in the last few days, I cannot find the camera cable (so that I can import photos!), 2 doublepoint size 2s, my sunglasses (prescription, and someone said to me: these are expensive, don't lose them!), my regular glasses, and my Pinnochio measuring tape. I am crazed about everything except the doublepoints (that's a quick jaunt to the yarn store!). And I have everybody praying to Saint Anthony! If you don't know that prayer, it may come in handy--St. Anthony, St. Anthony: please look around; something is lost and can't be found. I don't think you have to be terribly religious, but I think he must be awfully busy!!!!

ps: 2 out of 3 bunnies finished for Easter. Tried to start a pair of Pee-a-boo socks for bee-bee, but I can't seem to knit 30 stitches on size 1 doublepoints--now what? Doublepoint disabled?
Monday, April 03, 2006

Alright, enough about flash your stash, I admit, it. Yes, I am a floozy . . .
Today I had thoughts of buying 5 skeins of Malabrigo Yarn so I could knit IK's Streakers Shrug. I think the only thing that stopped me was not being able to decide on a color--polar moon, bobby blue, tuscan sky or citrus. And I am still moaning about not getting in on the Socks that Rock Sock-of-the-Month club.
Saturday, April 01, 2006

Stash Disclaimer

!. All things appearing in my stash were purchased with a specific intent.

2. Some of my stash has been knitted, and subsequently frogged, because I didn't like the outcome of the product, which then recycles yarn back to the stash.

3. I try to purchase yarn which I LOVE for some reason . . . I never buy just because it was a good price, or pretty color. Except when I bought that dumb Target yarn for 25 cents a skein.

4. I consider anything (even if it is the next skein on the needles) that is not on needles, as stash.

5. I have recently discovered the smarmy feeling of having wonderful yarn at the ready . . . that would be my "top shelf stuff"--I feel so indulged by knowing there are 11 skeins of Noro Silk Garden, 8 skeins of Chamonix, 2 skeins of Manos, 3 skeins of Lorna's Lace, and 6 (yes, 6) skeins of Blue Sly Alpaca at my disposal for what-ever, when-ever.

6. I get that same smarmy feeling when I buy yarn which is the exact stuff used in the pattern.

7. I love to look at my stash.

8. I wish I would better organize my stash and have a real knitting room for it

9. If my favorite people (think family members) knew how much stash I had, they would throw a fit. But then I would take them to your blog, and show them your stash, for perspective.

10. While humbled by this experience, I was online this morning, trying to figure out what I could use the kpixe sale yarns for.