Friday, June 29, 2007

I love a good Mystery

I downloaded clue #1 first thing Friday morning, and looked over it, but couldn't start until much later in the day (while I would love to sit all day and knit, there are other things going on in my life). The pattern is fabulous/beautifully charted. I was ready with my yarn, needles, and beads, but needed to make a quick run to AC Moore for a crochet needle. I breezed right through the first 50 rows, only having to redo 2 rows (at row 41, my husband came home from work . . . and that's where the breakdown occurred!)--now for the 2nd 50 rows.

While Melanie used zephyr with a size 4, I dropped down to a size 3. I like the firmer look of the stitches on the smaller size. And I wasn't sure about the beading---but now that I see it, I wish there were even MORE beads!!!! It looks terrific. And I am loving the "add the bead with a crochet hook" technique . . . so tricky!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So long, Sideways 0_0

I was so psyched to knit those sidewinders, let me tell you. But with only a quarter of the sock until seaming, I frogged. Yes-sir-eee . . . rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. There was just too much disatisfaction.
  1. I hated the needle I was using---a cheapie circular, which I couldn't slip any of the stitches over the cable joint. Makes for laborious knitting.
  2. I loved the whole process and pattern, watching the sock construction emerge. I hated the way my increases and decreases looked. And no matter what I did, they didn't look better.
  3. I was always a stitch or 2 off, and I have no idea why.
  4. I loved the yarn, and kept having this nagging thought--I could be doing a better job with this yarn.
I think that when your level of disatisfaction gets to 3, it is time to rethink. And I don't always abandon, however with so many other good things to knit, this needed to go to the pond. Riiiiiiibbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.


It's a Mystery

After lots of contemplation (should I, shouldn't I, can I can't I . . . ), I decided who doesn't need a bity of mystery in their life? And mystery I will have, beginning with the 1st clue on Friday. . .

Everybody's talking about it, so I know I don't need to explain. I am hoping this will be a fun, lace knitting diversion. I called Rosie's (I talked to them on Monday around 5 pm, and the yarn was in my mailbox today!!!) and ordered 1400 yards of Zephyr silk-wool in ebony, located my size 4 needles, and I am almost set. I just need to find some beeds and an accompanying crochet needle (that's tomorrow's project!) and I'll be set for Friday's cast-on. I am a little worried I won't be able to keep up, but let's just see how the first week goes (I figure I have all of 4th of July to knit, even though I might not see too much knitting time over the weekend!).


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Booking Through Tuesday

Currently . . .

Another purchase for the pile . . .


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Note to self

It is not 2nd sock syndrome, believe me, it is not. I just am not being a 1-sock-kind-of-girl lately! And each of these socks has a tiny story to go along with it.

pink footie---I cast-on for this, thinking it would be a quick pair which I could count for the June SAM3 pair. I didn't realize I would be sidetracked . . . and since I figuring the pattern as I went, I am now ready for footie 2, and I have to go back and figure out how I knit #1---note to self: keep bettern notes.

roza---I cast-on for roza long ago--and then ripped and cast-on (in different color yarn no less) with size1s instead of 0s. For whatever reason, I don't feel like this sock looks pretty . . . and it still feels tight. ugh--note to self: persevere, it may be worth it, or at least I am hoping so.

sidewinders--this sock is crazy. I have on idea in the would how this works, and this is the ulitmate test in following the pattern. On top of that, I had to use circulars, and I didn't have addis in 1s, so I used another manufacturer's, and the yarn just doesn't go over the joint between the cable and the needle very smoothly. This is a pain . . . note to self: addis only.

seduction socks--the pattern is adorable, and the yarn is so soft and squishy, but a little splitty. This might be my best bet to finish the 2nd sock before the end of the month. I am keeping my fingers crossed---note to self: get busy.

mitten--no not a sock, but this is just absurd: I thought I'd be wearing these in February. I am halfway finished with the 2nd one. I am going to be sporting these in the fall, but they are going to get finished soon--note to self: think about my cold digits and finish this up!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Booking Through Tuesday

I love the Maisie Dobb's series. Maisie is a lovely heroine and each of the books (4 in all) are gentle, but interesting reads--easy for the pool.

In other book news, I seem to have lost/misplaced/hidden/forgot where I put it my copy of Scarf Style. This book has been missing for at least 2 weeks. I have even resprted to asking the kids and my husband if they took it (their replies--"why would I want that?"). I am pitching a serious fit about not having this book at my fingertips.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

All of a sudden

I had no plan, and yet, I walked out of the lys, with 5 skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic (color 3411--but let's call it persimmon, shall we?), just happened to have my size 4s with me, and started the Clementine Shawlette (IK, spring '07).

I thought, afterwards, this might be my little summer pick-me-up . . . I wasn't even aware I needed one!


Friday, June 15, 2007

Ways to Play in the Summer

I have nothing else to say, but thank you, Karen (with the new domain!), and why don't you sign up, too?


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stop Everything and Go . . .

Nona's sharing her Sidewinders sock pattern in 5 installments, and I couldn't resist (even though I have 3 pairs of socks going right now!). I dug out Scout's Marina Piccola and a size 1 circular and got knitting. I was supposed to do a swatch, but I didn't . . . I have knit with this yarn, on size 1's before, so I was pretty confident about my gauge.


Booking Through Tuesday on Wednesday

I have read 3 fabulous books . . .
The Killing Sea is a story or tsunami survivors and is apprpriate for middle schoolers. Since I am trying to read what my kids are reading, I cam upon this book, and it was terrific.
Veronika was so compelling I finished it in one day! I wasn't sure I would like it as I moved through the first chapter, but I was thoroughly engrossed after that. And of course, because I loved The Kite Runner, I adored his second novel. It's on all the features lists, and it is so worth the price in hardback!


Monday, June 04, 2007

Tormented Sock Knitter

When I got my Favorite Socks Book, I told Karen I was going to knit every sock pattern featured, and I meant it. To date, I haven’t knitted one pair from the book. So I thought it was time to get started, and I chose Meida. I used the periwinkle Lorna’s Laces, and cast-on: knit, knit, tink, tink, frog, reknit---and repeated this process at least half a dozen times. Finally, after 3 days of this nonsense, I frogged, re-balled the yarn, and put it in the basket. I cast-on for a quick-fix---a pair of footies for the tennis court. I figured I needed a quick success to get me up for the Meida challenge. I can’t really say I used a pattern--I just knitted, ad figured it out as I went. And then, last night, without giving it much thought, I grabbed my skein of Tofutsies, and started Anne Budd's Seduction Socks.


Sunday, June 03, 2007


About a year ago, I bought a skein of Lorna’s Laces worsted (in old rose) to accompany the Mac & Me Yoga Socks Pattern (a la knit pixie) and promptly put it on the “to do” pile. Well, my darling daughter took her first yoga class today (at the Yoga Loft), and she sported these cuties.

This was a great, quick knit. The pattern was written nicely, and the yarn worked up beautifully! Too bad everyone doesn’t need a pair of yoga socks for Christmas!