Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gator-aide has a problem . . . or two

Hmmmmmmmm . . . this granny smith thing is kicking my pants, and it is not just the color either. I have knit and re-knit (and re-knit, and re-knit) with the first skein. I had some problems with the pattern, stitch count and general "getting it right" stuff. But I felt like I was well on my way. I finished the skein, and measured width and length--the gauge has been fairly accurate--and find that the width is a whopping 3 inches more than it should be. I have counted stitches checked everything and can't get a handle on it. What's more, I think once this is washed and blocked it will grow!!

I think this yarn is a bit heartier than KSH, but I like it anyway. Re-casting on . . . less stitches . . . still the same old gator-aide, ice pop orange . . . trying to imagine how chic I will look this fall sporting this at a soccer game with everyone saying things like--"Ohhhhhh, I wish I could wear that color!!!"


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