Monday, July 17, 2006
I RE-STARTED my orange ice pop cardigan . . . all appears well, but let's not talk too much about this yet. . . just look . . .

That's our goldfish in the bowl--he loves the color! And the book, God of Small Things, is wonderful!

PS: I met my Flip Flop Pal, Michelle, through our emails, and I have started to shop and put together her package! The swap is a quick one, as the package needs to be in the mail by the 31st. Since it hit 104 degrees here today, flip flops are just the thing!


Blogger Karen said...

I love it . . . . I think it will be a hit. It would look great with tan pants and a white shirt . . . just the perfect pop of color. Now I want that color yarn too. :)

7/19/2006 8:56 AM  

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