Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No Sugar Added + Trick or Treat Bag

My Harvest Sock Swap Friend, Megan, is cycling in an upcoming event to support diabetes research. Go to her website, and you can pick up a magKNITficent 'No Sugar Added' Sock pattern--your purchase will support the American Daibetes Foundation. You’ll feel good when you knit it up, I promise.

And I couldn’t resist purchasing this pattern, from the infamous Kate Gilbert . . .

I know--”This is a bag, not SOCKS!!!!”--but I loved it, and figured I could squeeze it in between sock rounds!! She’s selling it on her blog . . .

I finished Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein . . . that makes me 4/5, and the last book on my RIP Challenge List is the 13th Lemony Snicket’s Book, not available until Friday the 13th!! Hmmmmmmmmm now what?


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