Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Last week’s computer issues, a stomac-ache (I was sure I had ecoli!) with an accompanying headache, and the pressures of the holidays have set me back a few paces. But I am trying to get on the”There’s 5 more day ‘til Christmas” track . . . not sure of the success rate here.

To start, I am down to the foot on the 2nd Go Eagle sock, and I am ready for the toe on the Blue Java sock (let me be honest: I have knit and frogged the toe twice, don't ask what's so hard about this!), but not without some neurotic second guessing. While I really thought the cuff + the Calla Lily pattern on size 3’s would be fine, as I knit, I started to feel like . . . hmmm, maybe it wasn’t. Sooooo, I found this pattern, Spindle which is perfect for this weight yarn, perfect because it’s mixing the blues and browns up, and perfect because it knits up pretty darn quick. Not so perfect: the cuff: I knit the cuff on 3’s (should have knitted on 2’s) and while I love this little picot-eyelet thing, I don’t think it is the right cuff for the baby cables--but I was too far along to abandon the cuff, so I need to learn to love it. Onward.

In one of my many (far too many) trips to Target, I picked up these scissors--

These, my friends, are the highlight of my week. After the holidays, they might just find their home in my knitting bag(s)!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please tell me there are two more weeks until Christmas. Aren't there??? Okay, I better get knitting. 14 more rounds and my Mom's socks are DONE - I WILL WILL WILL post them tonight. I love Bronte's socks - they look so cute. I bet you'll have them done in time - the second always goes so fast. Love the cute gingerbread scissors. Okay, I'll e-mail you later. :)

12/20/2006 8:01 PM  

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