Thursday, December 21, 2006

You should . . .

Each year, I re-read two of my very favorite pieces of literature, and then end up sharing them with someone. This year was no exception.

O Henry’s The Gift of the Magi is my very favorite Christmas story. True love, the gift of giving, and the spirit of Christmas all tied up in one little short story. I think it is worth reading each and every Christmas. This year, I shared this story with my children, who have heard many interpretations of this classic, but never heard the original version. Last year, I shared it with a Persian friend of mine, who had tears in her eyes when I finished reading.

The editorial, Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus is undoubtedly the most famous editorial of all times, and continues to appear in newspapers on Christmas Eve to this day. This morning my 9 year old (who is desperate to hold on to the thought of Santa--as are many of his friends), wanted some reassurance that indeed, Santa did exist, despite the common laws of time, physics, and the like. We read this together before he went to bed, I think we are good to go, at least through the 26th!!!

Last, but certainly not least, have you ever read Miracle on 34th Street? I have seen that movie a dozen times, but once again the movie pales in comparison to this terrific read. This is another must read: do not rely on what you think you know of this story---read it, you’ll be so very glad you did!

So let's see, that makes 1 challenge entry which represents a tradition, plus a new read, plus two pair of holiday scissors . . . I think that takes care of completing my G.I.F.T. Challenges!

Another pair of scissors, a la Target--yes, I was there again, last night. This time, snowmen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea, sharing stories with others. I have not read Miracle on 34th Street but the old classic film is one of my favorites. Glad to hear that the story itself is so good but must admit that the film is outstanding. Don't know why they remade it a few years back...besides money. Classics that good stand the test of time and don't need to be remade. Thanks for participating in the challenge. Merry Christmas!!!

12/22/2006 8:09 AM  

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