Wednesday, January 03, 2007

10 Things I love which starts with P (+1 more!)

I collect these cute little things
to stash stuff in. Target $1

Choose a letter of the alphabet and describe 10 things you love!

1. Peanutbutter: I consider this a staple: in my pantry and in my daily diet. I love peanutbutter from the jar, but not peanutbutter cookies, or cakes, or anything like that.

2. Pink: Someday, my daughter and I are going to own a store: either a yarn store, where in the month of February all pink yarn will be discounted, or a store called Think Pink, where everything we sell will be pink. I hope you will all visit us!

3. Pick Up Sticks: I loved this game as a kid, and we still break out the sticks and play!

4. Pink Coneflowers: The black-eyed susan’s best friend, I love them both! Here’s the thing, they are completely low maintenance. You plant them, they grow. It rains they grow; it doesn’t rain, they grow; the summer sun beats down on them, they grow. They are beautiful, and need so very little!

5. Pull Over! Lipstick: My favorite Benefit lipstick is called Pull Over! and you might imagine, it is a very sheer pink!

6. Pasta: I am not Italian, but I adore spaghetti, macaroni, and generally any type of pasta and sauce. Not a big lassagna fan, though.

7. Purling: I much prefer the knit stitch, but I have a great appreciation for purling. It is the other half of knitting, my favorite thing to do.

8. Pommegranates: Not only is it the most regal fruit when you break it open, but it is delicious.

9. Pirates: Hmmm, it isn’t the Pirate I love, as much as that little skull and crossbone moitf. I adore it, and honestly, it is absolutely unexplainable.

10. Persians: My family observes many Persian customs, I live with a Persian, I love the cuisine, the language is beautiful and they are wonderfully interesting people.

11. Paperbacks: a form of books---need I say more?


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Perfect Post, Pal!!!

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