Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thinking of Fall

I read about the Mystery Sock KAL and knew it would be stretching my sock knitting to a new level. This will be a huge challenge to me, as the rule of the kal is to knit a pair of socks which does not have a photo for you to refer to!!! I always use the photo--I don’t even know if I can choose a pattern to knit without a photo to inspire me! Read more about it here and join the fun: http://mysterysock.blogspot.com.

And then there’s the Harvest Sock Swap, which is a fall version of the Summer Sock Party-- while I haven’t swapped the sock and goodies yet, choosing and knitting one sock and then receiving another to finish for myself is really great fun!

I was thinking that if I knit a pair of socks a month until Christmas, I would have 5 pair as gifts--and these KALs may help me stay on track--by the way, my red hot chile pepper socks have become my car stash socks: I leave the yarn and needles in the car, and knit when I can (since it's just stockinette right now!) or when I have a second. I knitted several rows as I waited in two different physician's offices this afternoon!


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